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Motor Vehicle Accident Loans

Injured in a motor vehicle accident and need cash before you get your lawsuit settlement? Our auto accident lawsuit loans program is designed for injured accident victims who have hired a lawyer to pursue a claim for bodily injury against the driver and owners responsible for the car wreck. There is NO Credit Check, No Out-of-Pocket Fees, and No Monthly Payments. Apply now, Cash in 1 Day!

Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit Loans

We provide accident loans for premises liability accident lawsuits. A few of the premises liability cases we typically fund are: Slip and fall injury claims, trip and fall lawsuits, ceiling collapse lawsuits, supermarket fall down accidents, and retail store objects falling on a customers head. If you were hurt on a defective sidewalk or someone elses property, Apply for a slip and fall accident loan.

Lawsuit Loans for Surgery

Hurt in a car wreck or slip and fall accident and need help paying your surgery fees and expenses? Our surgery lawsuit funding program may be your best solution. Surgery lawsuit funding helps injured accident victims and plaintiffs pay for a medical necessary surgical procedure by advancing funds to pay the cost and fees neccessary to undergo the surgery.

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Loans on Accidents

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Loans on Accident Cases

We call your law firm for some information about your injury case. After we get the information from your law firm, our funding underwriter will quickly evaluate the case to determine the amount of your accident lawsuit loan.

Loans for Car Accident Victims

You have the money! After we get back the signed legal funding agreement, we'll send the money to you by bank wire or overnight mail--the choice is yours. You can use the money as you need.

Pre Settlement Loans on Accidents.

Accident Loans

We are a leading accident loan company, specializing in pre settlement loans on car accidents and slip and fall lawsuit settlement loans. Our injury funding programs have helped thousands of personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs and workers comp accident victims who desperately needed to borrow money before their case settled. If you need an accident cash advance, Accident Loan can get you a risk free cash advance on your future accident lawsuit settlement. You do not need to have good credit. We are only concerned with your case, not your credit history. We know what you are going through. That's why we have one of the fastest approval process in the settlement funding industry.

Auto Accident Loans

A car accident loan is a pre settlement funding program for people who were hurt in a car wreck that was not their fault and have hired a lawyer to represent them in a personal injury lawsuit. It can take years for an auto accident lawsuit to settle with the insurance company for a fair amount. If are falling behind on your bills and need to borrow cash from your lawsuit, then a loan on your auto accident settlement may be the answer to your current money problems. Call or apply online for our auto accident loans program. Settlement loans from $1,000 and $500,000 are available to you. We have an easy approval, no hassle process.
There is no credit check and not out of pocket fees.

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Customer Review

I'm taking time to send you this email to thank your company for the loan on my car accident settlement. My car accident was serious and I had to have knee and shoulder surgery. I couldn't go back to work and was having problems paying my bills. It's just me and my kids. I had no one to turn to. So I went to my attorney and asked him about settling my case because I really needed the money to pay my bills and take care of my 2 girls.

My attorney told me I had a good case worth about $350,000 but the insurance company was only offering $45,000 to settle out of court. He said I would be crazy for taking that offer and we should fight the insurance company for a better settlement. He told he wasn't allowed to loan me money on my case but I could go online to find an accident loan company to borrow from.

I decided to call instead of filling out the application on the computer because I had a few questions. I spoke with Winston who was very helpful and nice. He explained the process and took my application over the phone. Winston called my attorney and then called me later in the day and told me I was approved for $22,000. I was thrilled. The loan meant I didn't have to choose between accepting a low settlement and paying my bills. I was able to pay my bills and give my two girl nice Christmas gifts. Thanks for being there for me and for treating me with respect.

Audrey-Anne, Georgia

Auto Accident Loan Company

Accident Cases

Accident Loans are available for personal injury cases and workers compensation cases. Personal injury law allows an injured plaintiff to get compensation when someone else's negligent or intentional act caused the plaintiff harm.

In a workers’ compensation case, an employee injured on the job is entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Unlike personal injury or a third party lawsuit, workers’ compensation has nothing to do with fault. A workers comp claimant does not need to prove that the employer or a co-worker did anything wrong in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

These are some of the most common cases eligible for lawsuit funding:

Dog Bite Accident Loans - An owner of a dog can usually be held liable when their dog causes injury to another person; however, the extent of the liability and what needs to be proven in a personal injury case will vary from state to state. If you were attacked or bitten by a dog and you have an attorney, you are eligible for our lawsuit loan for your dog bite personal injury lawsuit case.

Slip and Fall Accident Loans - Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their property is free from dangerous and hazardous conditions that would cause a person to slip and fall / trip and fall. Accidents that are caused by defective or dangerous property, either inside or outside a building, are called premises liability accidents. Premises liability accidents can take place at commercial buildings, on a sidewalk, retail stores such as Walmart slip and fall accident lawsuits, private homes, rental apartments, buildings, and on public property such as a parks, streets, or public transportation. If you fell down and hurt yourself or if an object fell on your head, body, or feet and you hired a lawyer, you are eligible to apply for premises liability accident lawsuit loan.

Auto Accident Loans - Auto accident can come in various forms such as hit and run accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor trailer collision, pedestrian knock-down accidents and auto accident lawsuits. If you are expecting a expecting a motor vehicle accident settlement and have retained legal counsel, you are eligible for a fast car accident loan on a settlement.

Personal Injury Accident Lawsuit Against Walmart or other Retailer - We have provided slip and fall accident settlement loans to injured accident victims who had personal injury cases against Walmart, McDonald's, Home Depot, Supermarkets (Krogers), Shop and Stop, and other retailers and restaurants. If your personal injury case is dragging and you a loan on your settlement, then Accident Loan is your lawsuit funding solution.

Workers Compensation Settlement Loans - Workers' comp is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. We provide loans on workers' compensation cases in many States. To find out more about our WC Comp settlement loans program, call us at 1-888-715-8701 or send an Email:

Car Accident Loans

Settlement Loans for Car Accidents

Accident Loan is a national pre-settlement lawsuit loans company, authorized to offer car accident settlement loans to accident victims and plaintiffs in more than 44 States in the U.S.

Our corporate mission is to provide financial assistance to injured car accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs who have been seriously been hurt in any type of accident that was caused by someone else's negligence.

As a full service accident lawsuit funding company, we can fund most accident cases. We specialize in car accident loans, trip and fall accident lawsuit loans, tractor trailer accident settlement loans, premises accident lawsuit settlement loans for people who sustained injury in a supermarket or retailer, such as Walmart™ or a grocery store, and workers compensation settlement loans.

If you need to borrow money against your accident lawsuit, Accident Loan can offer you an accident cash advance against your accident lawsuit settlement in about 24 hours. To get started you can fill out the application online now or call us at 1-888-715-8701.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Loans

Pre Settlement Loans on 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Lawsuits

Another popular settlement funding option available to plaintiffs is our tractor trailer accident settlement loans funding program. This program is for injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs who have been hurt in a commercial semi tractor trailer truck accident and need cash before their lawsuit settlement.

As a national and full service accident loans company, we are authorized to provide lawsuit loans and pre settlement lawsuit cash advances to accident victims in more than 40 States. For example, we provide lawsuit cash advance loan to plaintiffs in Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Semi-trailer truck accidents can cause serious injuries as well as fatilities. Don't let being unable to work and money problems force you into settling your case prematurely for pennies on the dollar. A settlement loan on your 18 wheeler accident lawsuit can help you to pay your bills now and also continue fighting the insurance company for all the money you deserve from your case. If you or a loved one was hurt in 18 wheeler trailer truck accident and need money to survive or even to pay for surgery, call us now to find out how much money you can borrow from you big rig eighteen-wheeler collision.

Trip and Fall Accident Settlement Loans

Slip and Fall Lawsuit Loans - Pre Settment Funding

Premises liability fall down accidents cause approximately 8 million hospital visits annually within the United States. Accidents such as trip and fall accidents and slip and fall accidents can lead to serious and permanent injuries.

An example of a trip and fall accident is a falling down to the ground because of a broken sidewalk or raised and uneven flooring. Similarly, a slip and fall accident also results in a fall down but is often caused because of an icy walk way, fluid build up, and a pile of leaves. With regard to injuries, fractures and cartilage tears are the two most serious injuries from slip and fall accidents.

If you have been seriously hurt in a fall down accident that was caused by the negligence of a person or corporation / business, and have an attorney, you are eligible for a pre settlement loan on your slip and fall premises liability lawsuit. Don't wait. Stop suffering and get the help you deserve. We are ready to help you by providing fast lawsuit loans for accident victim cases. No matter the accident, auto accident, trip and fall, 18 wheeler, we have the lawsuit funding you need.

Why Accident Loans?

The legal system is not always balanced. Corporations and insurance companies do their best to tip the scales of justice in their favor. They often utilize many delay and deny tactics to avoid paying injured lawsuit plaintiffs all the money they are owed for their damages and pain and suffering.

Loans on accident cases can empower a plaintiff to reject the insurance company's low ball offer and continue fighting the insurance company for all the money they deserve. Get empowered today.

It can take years for personal injury plaintiffs to win a fair and sufficient lawsuit settlement from the insurance company. During the long wait, many injured accident victims and lawsuit plaintiffs find themselves experiencing money problems and financial difficulties. Our pre settlement lawsuit cash advances have helped saved thousands of accident lawsuit plaintiffs from accepting low-ball lawsuit settlements. We have help accident victims who were unable to work avoid eviction, repossession, bill collector calls, and even bankruptcy proceedings.

An loan on your injury case can help you survive financially until you win a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Getting approved for accident settlement loan against your lawsuit settlement is easy. There is no credit, no up-front costs, and no income requirements. We are not concerned with your credit profile, just your case. Our decision to loan you cash on your case is based upon the strength of your lawsuit.

To get started fill out the application or call us at 1-888-715-8701. The call is free and there's no obligation just for applying.