We are The Original Accident Loan Company in the United States. Apply online to get cash in 1 Day. If you have a general question or inquiry, please see our answers page or use the contact us form below.

Accident Loan - What we do?

Accident Loan is a specialty finance company providing financial assistance to injured accident victims and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs in the U.S.

We help people who have been hurt in an accident and have retained an injury lawyer to help them get compensation for their injury and damages.

If you need a FAST loan on your settlement, auto accident loans, workers' comp loans, medical malpractice loans, or slip and fall lawsuit loans, we can get you the cash you need in 1 DAY.

Apply Online and we'll do the rest. We will contact your accident attorney to get some information and additional data so that we can determine exactly how much money you can get from your case today. And if you get the loan on your injury case, your attorney will pay back the advance at the end of your case, when you win your settlement.

The application process is free and there's no obligation just for calling or applying. Apply Now.

No Credit Check
No Out of Pocket Fees
No Monthly Payments
No Risk! Pay Back ONLY if you win or settle
Cash in your Hands in 24 Hours or 1 Day
Fast, Easy, No Hassle for Accident Victims

The Accident Loan Company

We are the original Accident Loan company, providing low cost accident loans and lawsuit cash advance funding to accident victims in the U.S. Our accident cash advance funding have saved thousands of injured accident victims all across the country.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email if you need to borrow money from an accident case. We are one of the few accident loan companies offering legal funding products for personal injury lawsuits as well as workers' compensation cases.

If you have any immediate questions, please visit our "How it Works" page. And, if you are requesting that we give you a call back, please provide us with a phone number and let us know a good time to call you back and the State where you are calling from.

Send us a message and someone will get back to you shortly.

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Telephone: 1-888-715-8701
Fax: 1-646-358-4899

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